Saturday, September 1, 2012

Victorian Magick - Summary

Victor Ian Élan, 19th Century Conjuror and Clairvoyant is a Southern California-based performer of magical and psychic entertainment who appears regularly at private parties, corporate events and charity galas. Currently, he is also starring in his own interactive one-man show, Victorian Magick, which is currently being presented at the Howe-Waffle House in Santa Ana, CA.

This unique style of performance takes participants on a journey back in time when wealthy patrons would regularly invite magicians, mind-readers, and mediums into their Victorian homes to amuse and amaze intimate gatherings of family and friends.  In those sophisticated, intimate surroundings, the parlour became the stage, and the audiences, thoroughly enthralled and entertained, looked on gleefully, mere inches from the show. 

Before their eyes and inside their minds, sitters witness demonstrations in 19th century conjuring, observe experiments in Victorian mind-reading, and even participate in an authentic antebellum spirit séance show.  So as friends and families joined together a century and a half ago to explore the mysteries that lie beyond, spectators join together today to experience the unknown and possibly even travel beyond the veil to partake in a small slice of the supernatural.

Victorian Magick combines magic, mind-reading and mysticism to deliver the most unique experience around. With an intimate audience limited to 40 individuals, guests will be treated, in an authentic setting to an enchanting evening of exceptional entertainment.